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So guys, today I’ve weighted myself again after like a month and I found out that I now weight 55,5kg (122,4lbs) which is almost my goal weight (55kg/121lbs). Because of my longtime illness in June/July I lost a lot of weight due to less and healthier eating though I didn’t do any sports for more two whole months now (need to get back at it ASAP!). I was in holidays now and ate mostly healthy and also some different stuff than I actually do.

I just want to let you know that you CAN reach your goals if you keep believing in yourself and keep your goals in sight. Don’t say “I can’t” because then you really can’t. Get up in the morning, think of your goals and say “I can”. Eat healthy and work out daily. Make sure you’re making yourself happy with what you’re doing because YOU are the only one who can change you. There will always be people who try to tear you down and who want to see you fail, so show them you’re better than them. 

I believe in you, so can you.